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Who I Work With

I coach women in 3 different phases of life:

  1. Unsure of who they are and/or what they want out of life, but ready to start learning and discovering

  2. Overwhelmed and stressed, but ready to get control of their lives and/or

  3. Foundations (both 1 & 2 above) are settled and established, and they are ready to up-level their businesses and lives

My ideal client is one that is:

  • Coachable! Find out HERE if you are currently ready for coaching.

  • Ready for, open to, and willing to make big changes in her life

  • Consistent and reliable to show up for sessions and to show up for herself

  • Willing to put in the work to make her dreams a reality!

Some Topics I Have Coached Clients On

  • Brainstorming effective ways to talk about the business they are in (elevator speech)

  • Eliminating overwhelm and making space for what she really wants in life

  • Fostering a positive and abundant mindset in order to accomplish "stretch goals"

  • Discovering who she really is and what she really wants

  • Developing and strengthening her personal foundation to build the rest of her life from

  • Reaching the next level in her business and life

  • Brainstorming and carrying out strategies to make more money

  • Prioritizing what's most important in her life and eliminating or easily managing the rest

  • Permanently removing problems or difficulties (fixing a problem from the source - not managing symptoms)

  • Banishing bad habits and adopting and nurturing good, new, healthy habits

  • Setting boundaries


The list goes on and on as there are so many fun things to work on! Really, the sky is the limit for coaching topics. If you have something you would like to accomplish, coaching is likely to get you there, if you're ready to put in the effort.



B. K.

Kimberly is truly an amazing life/business coach! 

For Starters she made me feel so safe to talk to. From there I feel she really knew how to naturally get me to open up so she could help me dig deeper into some bigger issues that I discovered about myself. 

She has helped me become more organized by giving me tools that have worked in not only giving me the momentum to get started, but I have continued on my own to keep this up. I have gotten big and small projects at home completed and I have continued to keep this up because of her. 

She has helped me to figure out what is important in my life, she helped me discover what I can get rid of in my life that is dragging me down, and how to stay focused only on my life and business goals. I am now a better communicator and have more clarity and confidence in myself. 

She has a natural way of getting me to discover new things about myself and I am so happy to have had her as my coach!

L. M.

I run a successful business and my day to day operation goes well. But I had a lot of big goals that just seemed overwhelming, so I never even got started on working towards those goals.


Kimberly helped me form a plan, break down my goals into doable steps, and create an ongoing routine that works for me. But it wasn't just the 'XYZ' of how to work towards these goals.


She also helped me recognize and learn to overcome some of my personal & emotional issues that were hindering my success, such as my tendency to catastrophize, how to juggle being a mom to a toddler while still getting work done, and learning to have hiccups in my routine without feeling like a failure.


Kimberly was instrumental in helping me discover my own power, thrive from my successes, learn from my failures, and see why it is I do what I do.


I can't recommend her enough to anyone who is feeling stuck or overwhelmed.


She doesn't just work some magic, she helps you realize YOU can work some magic.

L. R.

Thank you for everything Kimberly. I enjoyed my time with you thoroughly. I feel like you gave me some solid ground to work with.


You made me see things I didn't see and realize some things about myself.  


You opened my eyes to my potential and realize that the things I fear the most just aren’t that scary.


You helped me prioritize and I’m continuing with that and working with the quadrants. That’s a long work in progress but now I know where my weaknesses are and how to correct them.


I believe our time together was extremely well spent.

I will highly recommend you.

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